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Alumni support benefits our program considerably. Previous funding from alumni supported several summer internships for students working on the TRYAD satellites. 


Although we now have grants for TRYAD and HYSPIC, additional gifts will help us involve more students in AUSSP internships, and in funding student travel to present their work at conferences. To communicate with our satellites, we’d like to have our own ground station instead of relying on other organizations’ ground stations. We have plans to develop an S-band ground station on the Auburn campus. 


The satellites we are building presently (with NSF and AU support) rely on student designs. Being able to purchase some commercial parts would considerably reduce the risks of failure in space and give us better chances of completing our missions. They would also help us with getting ready in time to launch our satellites. Using commercial parts eliminates development time for parts such as radios, attitude control systems, power systems, and mechanical parts. We appreciate your support and we want to make you proud by putting Auburn University student-built satellites into space. War Eagle!


For more information on funding opportunities, contact the COSAM Office of Alumni and Development at 334-844-2931, or you can send your donation directly using the following link:





Delta two rocket
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