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Now recruiting students to work on our space missions!

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The Auburn University Small Satellite Program  (AUSSP) is both a space research program and a workforce development program.


Our students design, build, test, and operate CubeSats in space where they perform science missions.

AUSSP Mission

To develop a space research and technology capability on campus and foster a strong Auburn presence in space.


To push the envelope in CubeSat technology, creating machines that perform competitive research in space.


To train and educate leaders in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines using the NASA systems engineering framework.

What's in it for you?

The AUSSP is an exciting opportunity that will make your college experience

memorable. You’ll be building small satellites called CubeSats that will be

launched into space. These CubeSats will then be operated from a ground

station here on campus by you and/or future AUSSP students.

You’ll be developing skills in high demand by agencies like NASA and SpaceX as well as other engineering organizations. Some of you may go to a PhD program. Participation in AUSSP may have a big impact on your future career. A number of our former students have made strides in their careers.

Here is an email and a picture of former student participants in AUSSP. In the text below, AubieSat refers to the first CubeSat AUSSP launched and AHAB is a high altitude program we had also under AUSSP

Hi Dr. Wersinger!

I’m currently working at NASA Glenn Research Center for the end of the summer and wanted to let you know that there are currently four Auburn students that all came from your Space Grant programs: myself, Stephen Samples, Lucas O’Neill and Jamesa Stokes.

All four of us were involved in AubieSat and three of us were in AHAB and now we all have NASA-funded PhD fellowships under the NSTRF program.

I wanted to thank you for how much you did for us, and what a help being involved in these programs was.

Lucas is about to finish his PhD in fluids at Purdue, Jamesa is pursuing her PhD at Penn State in materials, Stephen is pursuing an electric propulsion PhD at UCLA, and I’m pursuing a nanomaterials PhD at USC.


Thank you, and I hope you’re doing well,


—Chelsea Appleget

Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 12.45.19

Here are some of the unique skills that you will develop with us and that will make you more marketable: 

-You will learn to work effectively in teams.

-You will acquire important technical management skills.

-We are using software such as SolidWorks, Eagle PCB, Thermal Desktop, STK.

New graduates hired by engineering companies usually take several months to learn the ropes and to understand their jobs. Having worked several years with us, you will have acquired those competences.

With a Special Thanks to our Sponsors and Collaborators
Auburn University
Teledyne Brown Engineering
Auburn Alumni Association
Alabama Space Grant Consortium
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